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Documentary about pioneering waste, energy, mobility and housing alternatives to mitigate the effects of climate change.

The most important thing is that we, as a society, understand that there is a climate emergency and that making changes has consequences or inconveniences, which in many cases, are related to the changes we have to make in our habits.

We need much more ambitious measures, but also we need, as citizens, to realise that applies to us, we can participate all in investing in forms of energy and in making renewable, in trasforming the ways we travel, look after each other, use energy in our homes, and consume products that emit CO2 or greehouse gases.

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If when we see an empty bottle waste packaging, we know that this container has a value, then we have an incentive to strengthen the collection of this waste as a community and, above all, guarantee that it is collected in good condition, so that it can be reused later.


Energy and the way to it is obtained are essential aspects of climate change.


We must move towards an urban mobility model, where the walker is the protagonist, anyone can go by bike safely and public transport is the preferred option over private vehicles.


The concept of right of use, revolutionizes the way of relating with neighbours. It guarantees the right of access to housing: not as a welfare right, but rather as it a guaranteed right to live in the home.


Map of iniciatives

On the map, you can find all the inititaives that appear in the documentary and more


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The objectives established are to separate and obtain 70% of organic matter. This means that we need to achieve this it is necessary to make sure that recyclable materials are not dirty ant that the quality of the organic material is good enough to make it possible to use.

Organic matter is a luxury that we cannot afford to lose.

Eva García Balaguer

Ex Environment Director, Government of Navarre

We dont just want any old type of energy transition. The energy transition that big electric companies or governments are carrying out implies that we fail to take advantage of a magnificent opportunity to go even further.

Mario Sánchez Herrero

Founder, Ecooo

The goal is that no home in Seville is more than 150m from a bike route.

Paula Garvin

Ex Mayor, Seville City Hall

Usually the top floor apartment is the most expensive one and this contributes to cover the cost of construction. However, we have decided to keep a large part of our top floor as a flat roof for use as a common area, and this area is like the jewel in the crown, the place where everyone wants to be.

Nacho García Pedraza

Neighbor, Entrepatios